About us

At First we have started as a YouTube channel with an aim that we will provide free but quality video tutorials on Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking and other tech stuff like Raspberry Pi.

Our motive is not to make the click bait videos but we just wants to show the depth of technology. And that’s what we are doing from past three years.

Now we are a family of more than 50,000 Learners and more than 5 million viewers from all around the world. Our videos are neither meant to offend anyone nor we wants to show the destructive ways of hacking and stuff. We just wants to educate normal people that hey ! this thing can also happen with you. So Stay Safe. With that motive we now have an amazing video’s like ratio and that is more than 87%.

We believe in fact that education and information should be free and everyone in the world should know the real meaning of hacking. Because according to us, one can only save himself from hacking, if he is aware of what the hackers can do.

And now with a YouTube channel, we have this website as well, on which you will learn some cool aspects of technology. You can start learning about Kali Linux, Raspberry Pi and other tech stuff from tons of Blogs, Videos and articles.

Thanks for giving us so much love. It means a lot to us. Stay in touch, Stay Safe, Stay Updated and Keep Learning how to defend against bad guys.

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